What Ever Happened To Paying Cash?


We as a culture seem to have lost track of self controll and as a result we have been enslaved to our debt!

So why the big hurry to “have it all” as they say? If we would just slow down and live within our means I think, no I know, life would be different in a good way.

I want to correct what I just said it should read live below your means.

The money gurus say you should save 10% of your income and invest it for retirement to alow you to retire at a reasonable age. I would say that is a minimum if you want to work at a job for fourty years or more!

Living below your means isn’t just about saving money it’s about what you spend it on as well. Buying within reason especially big ticket items like cars, houses,furniture and other hard goods.

What if you paid cash for your house?

It’s quite possible if you buy or build a small well designed home that can be expanded later for a growing family. How about a 400 to 500 square foot core house one or two bedrooms a bath and kitchen with a cozy living room? Add a nice porch or deck for indoor outdoor living and pay as you go to build it.

I started with a 24×36 shell years ago on land I bought on a private contract. It took me a few years but we moved in unfinished with four kids and kept at it until we got it done. No bank loan!

No credit cards!

Save your money and make your own credit card. Pay yourself back when you buy something.

Cars! Buy a used car for $2000. And make a payment to yourself until you get enough saved to buy a better car. Always make a payment to yourself to save for a replacement and no car loans ever!

If you try to keep up with the Joneses you will be in debt and stay in debt!

And for what?

Why are we in such a hurry to have it all if that’s the case you never will be content with what you have. Be happy with what you have not unhappy with what you don’t have. You have your whole life to get things. If you get it all today what will you do tomorrow?

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