What Does Mortgage Freedom Mean To You?

There are many reasons to be mortgage free.

For some it is peace of mind, time, the desire to travel and for some its not having to work so they can homeschool their children.

For us is means the ability to call our own shots and be in control of our schedule. Not being dictated by a boss or a job if you will.

And calling our own shots means living where we want and how we want and traveling a lot.

We are currently traveling in the beautiful Caribbean and staying for two weeks on the island of St Maarten. This is the sixth year that we have traveled here and it is simply our tropical home away from home.


This is our view for weeks. Not bad. We come with our friends Don and Jane from Vermont. We walk the beaches, drink rum and enjoy some Caribbean night life periodically.

Most people think it is expensive to travel but it really isn’t once you have your plane ticket purchased. Especially if you live and eat like a local.

We have a full kitchen where we stay and cook in quite a bit. Groceries are super cheap here if you shop accordingly.

DSC_0215Fresh baguettes are only $1.50 each where regular sliced bread like we buy at home is $5 plus per loaf.

DSC_0212Local veggies are very cheap to buy as well. Avocados are under $1 ea and they are huge!

DSC_0213 Fish on the Island is another good buy as are ribs funny enough. Ground beef on the other hand is ridiculously expensive and not something you want to buy if you are on a budget.

DSC_0208Look at the size of the those St Maarten avocados verses the ones we get back home!

Ok well I am signing off for today as the beach is calling me.

So I am curious…what does mortgage freedom mean to you? Comment below or email me at annissa@aselfreliantlife.com  I would love to hear from you 🙂

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