Well We Survived October!


I know I kinda left you hanging with my last post…sorry about that 🙂 But we actually came thru the second storm with almost zero weather hitting us.

The storm took a left turn about 20 miles off shore and took its wrath out on Canada instead. We felt sorry for them but relieved for us.

And boy were we left with some incredible sunsets after the storm passed us.


Got a little behind on my blog posts with all the weather and goings on around the small house build.

Good news is I’ve got several new videos edited for the blog now so I will get them up over the next few days so we can catch you up with where we are.

Plumbing is done! YAY!! And now we are on to electrical and some exterior stuff while we have good weather upon us.

I am still having a challenge getting Kevin to come in from the beach and his fishing….but then again I am not trying to hard as that means I get to sit on the beach and watch while enjoying my wine! 🙂

Check out his latest update video showing you some of what we have done lately and giving you some helpful insight for your build when it comes to electrical.

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