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If you are reading this then you have found your way to our new site and we are so happy that you have.

Hey Everyone ūüôā

Kevin Coy here with A Self Reliant Life.

My wife Annissa and I have created our new blog and website as we have expanded into the bigger picture of A Self Reliant Life Style. On my former blog kevinsmicrohomestead my main focus was on building Tiny Houses and as my interests and passion goes beyond just housing I decided I needed a more encompassing platform to interact with my subscribers.

We feel it is critical for families to gain knowledge and skills that can allow them to live self reliant and  thus becoming less dependant while gaining freedom in the process.

At ASRL we have some core beliefs that we feel after 25 years of trial and error have proven to be vital to Self Reliant Living. And want to share them with you in hopes that you will find freedom in them just as we have.

This blog is dedicated to helping others gain the three things you must have in order to not only survive anything that comes at you but to thrive using your Skills, Knowledge and Resources to live life self reliant.

Now don’t confuse self reliant with living without. Self Reliance can look differently for different people depending on their core beliefs.

Some may feel self reliant means living off grid, living on next to nothing financially or maybe to some it will mean growing your own food and being mortgage free.

Whatever it means to you, you still need the basics…Skills, Knowledge and Resources.

And that is what Annissa and I want to provide for you. A place where you can teach yourself and your family how to take control of your basic needs and feel less anxiety and stress over the economy and state of world affairs.

If you want to stay connected to us you can subscribe to the blog in the upper right hand corner. Like A Self Reliant Life on Facebook and checkout our Youtube channel.

Here’s to you living A Self Reliant Life!

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  1. Kathryn
    5 years ago

    Hey! Cool website. Will you be adding email subscription in addition to RSS? I don’t ever look at my RSS feeds but I do check my email. : )

  2. eksith
    5 years ago

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve had in store! I’ve been following your YoutTube channel for a while and I figured this is where you’re heading with the blog too.

  3. Dan Fitzpatrick
    10 months ago

    My name is dan Fitzpatrick I’m a medic for FDNY in nyc. I’m interested in joining your group but I’m unable to. I don’t want to use Facebook. Don’t like to talk about preppping at all on there. Thanks for your help

    • Kevin Coy
      10 months ago

      Hello Dan, Thank you so much for your service to the community by being a medic! Why are you not able to join our group? Are you wanting to live mortgage and debt free? ~ Annissa