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I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the Holiday Season that is upon us.

We left the beach for a week and drove over to the Spokane Washington area to spend Thanksgiving with our children and grandkids. Sure loved seeing them all and hanging out.

our back yard :)

our back yard 🙂

This will be our second Christmas on the beach with the only thing white surrounding us is the sand that we walk on every day. Makes me pretty happy I’m not gonna lie. After almost 30 Christmas’s in the other white stuff it is a very welcome change in my book.

tar paper on now ready for siding

tar paper on now ready for siding

We’ve been making progress on the house and we are pretty happy about that. The exterior is completely wrapped and weather proofed now so we can focus all of our energy on the inside for a while. Then we will get back at the outside and get the shingle siding up and on the walls.

We had a little side diversion the past couple of days thanks to our neighbor. Kevin came into the RV the other day and asked me to help him with something. Little did I know that saying ok was a much bigger commitment than I had bargained for!

My resourceful hubby that he is talked his way right into a really nice deal and all we had to do was invest some muscles (that were very sore the next day) and our time to retrieve it.

Here is the story…

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