Update on Behind the scenes project for subscribers only.

I just sent out the first in this series of behind the scenes emails to our subscriber base.The subject line is (we started with less than nothing)And I think you will like it.

The only way to see it and the rest of this very valuable series is to subscribe.

Listen here is the deal I want to help you but you need to commit to the self reliant life. As subscribers you recieve the full benefits of this site and the life changing program. Its just not open to the public.

The subject line for the next email is ( How we quit being commoditized and stopped getting paid by the hour)Its going to blow your mind.

So here is what I will do. I will rebroadcast this email we just sent out in a few days to everyone who subscribes now as well as the next in the series so you don’t miss a thing.

Make sure to subscribe right away so you don’t miss the second chance.The next email in the series will follow soon. Kevin

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