Time ,what would you do with it if it was 100% yours?

Yes if you woke up tomorrow and your time was 100% yours what would you do with it? So what’s important to you ? Your health? Your fitness and nutrition? Would you go for walks or ride a bike everyday? Would you grow as much food for yourself as you could? Without having to work for wages everyday you could have a lot of time on your hands how would you take advantage of it?

Spend time with family or help out in your community with kids and senior members. Maybe take classes to learn more skills in a favorite subject or interest ? Would you get bored ? Or be so busy you can’t keep up? Maybe you would get all the things done around the house on that list ,the one that never seems to end. How long could you go without driving your car? You would have time to cook from scratch everyday .

You could travel get outdoors more camp,hunt,fish,hike paddle a boat . Crafts maybe sewing,woodworking,flower gardening fix up an old car.

What would it be like if you just did not need anything besides food and some clothes now and then? You could take the time to cut firewood and heat with it . What would your cost of living be? If you lived in or around a small town that has everything in walking distance food,Dr,dentist,hardware ect…could you work part time or seasonal ? Rent a room to split expenses ? What about a skill that would earn you a years wage in a couple of months like tax prep?

Maybe you live half the year in two different places busy season in a resort area where you wait tables good money in tips. As a handyman at a campground so you stay free and make some money to.

Professional bums ski,surf,climbers,divers,sailers do this all the time living for there passion keeping it simple so they have there time to live the life they want. I am following a couple that are sailing all over South America in a tiny sailboat camp cruising from village to village town to town on a shoe string budget for over a year now. This is the second time he has done this in his life.

The world is so fast paced people don’t know how to go slow. It feels wrong not to be producing at a frenzied pace they won’t allow themselves to stop and relax . Slow down , take a day off or two ,make a meal from scratch ,walk to the store,grow a veggie or flower garden or both. Watch the birds they want for nothing.life is about the journey not the destination don’t hurry to the end you will get there soon enough .

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