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I just wanted to say thanks for your visits to our site.We have had a tremendous turnout of visitors from around the world! people have been coming in from our sister site from our youtube video series from national geographic doomsday prepper site and also because your searching for something . People are searching for relief ,relief from the high cost of living.The price of daily life just keeps going up ,or so it seems housing ,transportation,food, fuel . Unfortunately wages don’t seem to be increasing to keep up . Is it just to much month left at the end of your paycheck? Does it seem like you have less and less time to get things done? Where has all the free time gone to enjoy life and family? We have had an overwhelming response to our self reliant products and just catching up with orders.Again I thank you . There have been a lot of great comments and feedback on them .

Craig from Indiana says thanks so much for the long term survival bag vid well worth the price and great info .

Robert from Maine says
just got your hog processing dvd and Wow great job explaining the details I know I can do this with confidence now!

Lori from oregon says
I purchased the rabbit and hog processing videos and my husband and I are excited to get started .

Matt a long haul truck driver says
I am very excited to receive your six critical elements cd I am tired of being gone from my family all the time and still cant seem to make ends meet . Now we have a plan to get out of debt and a path to follow . cant wait to be home with my family.

Just a few of the many comments we get almost daily . I hope you find the answers you are looking for to create the self-reliant life you want that has less debt more time and freedom . My wife and I retired in our forties by following the principals in the six critical elements thats why we created a cd for you so you can get out too. we spent over a month in the last year in the caribbean as a result of our low cost of living and tremendous amount of free time we enjoy . we grow a lot of our own food and have a healthy active lifestyle as a result. We are privileged to spend lots of time with our kids and grandkids every day . If thats what you want then consider our six critical elements cd and monthly news letter so you can get started right away on the path to a self reliant life like we have .

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  1. Fil Vega
    1 year ago

    Where can I find the plans for the 8 x 12 micro homestead build? I followed all 26 videos on you tube. I noticed you had DVD for a similar 10 x 12 house.