Kevin – That is wonderful news!!! I hope that it all comes together and I hope that it is a paid appearance. You’d be great on any show! In fact, you would be great host for a regular weekly show; and nobody deserves it more. This is a perfect example of karma and creating your own destiny. When you do good things – it comes back to you. You’ve earned the recognition!!! If they want to know how you’ve inspired or helped other people, feel free to give them our contact info. We watched your You-Tube videos for months, over and over again, before our build. (And have watched them again during the build!) Thank you for showing us what CAN be done and THANK YOU for giving us hope. We see light at the end of our tunnel. We couldn’t be happier for you =) Bravo, Kevin!!!!

~ Julia and Ed in New Mexico

Thanks for these videos. They are an inspiration to me and my family

~ Rooster Mag

Thank you
I may be homeless one day and I am watching your videos thinking that I may need some basic carpentry skills.

I don’t think you realize just how much you may be helping me and folks like me.

BTW- I know absolutely NOTHING about carpentry but after buying a rv learned I had to get handy real quick and I learned something about myself–I could learn to do things for myself.

God bless you.

~ Mike

Great stuff man, just found these videos and I’m hooked, if land wasn’t so expensive in Arizona. I’d be all over this.

~ Greg Spradlin

now thats what I call and entrance ! :o) great stuff sir ! thank you.

~ Happy

Thank you…this is so inspiring.:)

~ 1930’s girl

This great, I am an Audio/Video low voltage installer and in my job i get to work with licensed electricians and what is being offered here is truly a bargain i don’t understand how anybody can complain or get upset with this offer, people would gladly spend there money on a limited addition music album or dvd movie and not learn a thing. Knowledge is power people; we need to support these individuals on you tube who share there knowledge and expertise. Thank you for your videos

~ Robert

Thank you so much for making all of your videos and write-ups! This is helping a lot with our planning of the off-grid cabin.
Incase anyone out there needs to prove to themselves that this is do-able. I found the best way to prove to myself how much I would save by living in the woods off-grid (Still with solar and water, etc.) was by making a monthly budget for living in our apartment (average of Jan, July , Sept) and compare it to an over estimated budget for living off-grid in a small cabin built by us.
It’s amazing that it was still cheaper to live off-grid in the woods in nature away from the tension of city life. This was including: buying land and a second-hand 4×4 truck, building a cabin that uses solar power, all of the fuel required to build and travel back and forth to the city for my job and Tasha’s job.
Just recently Tasha and I have put our plans in motion to get out of cities for at least 6 months every year.
Thanks again Kevin!

~ Billy

man u have inspired me and im gonna make my own little house

~ Tim

Kevin, to begin, I have lived a fabulously rich lifestyle (not referring to money!) most all of my life. My wonderful parents told me three things that are really important, work with persistence, be thankful for what you have as there will always be others with more or less than you have and, finally, dignify everyone you come in contact with. Success is not something we own or achieve, it is in our hearts today, if we accept that. One more day on this earth, to breathe, to see, to live is our blessing. And our reality is anything we desire to make it, good or bad. People like you, Kevin, are my greatest reward. Keep it up!

~ John

Fantastic! Thanks for doing these Kevin.

~ Steven

I really enjoy your videos and learn a lot..thanks…from Baja California Sur MEX…

this guy (Kevin) is an excellent carpenter; my step-father (and father ironically) do a LOT of construction work, so I can see all of the things they do everyday that I would take for granted mentioned in one or two 10 minute videos — I’d forget, excellent work man!

~ Film junkie

G’day mate, love the vids! Keep it up.

~ Shane

I really love your videos. You make it really easy for the average joe to understand the building process:)

~ Bob

Can hardly wait for further installments about the Tiny House Build.
Idea: could you someday show how to add on to the Tiny House, such as build another room and how you connect the two? Thinking like a pioneer with a growing family…

~ Victoria

I build reptile enclosures and I have found your videos to be extremely realistic, well explained, and a hell of a refresher course. KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING

~ narcissus19146