Special Skills For Self Reliant Living


Skills make you valuable. Skills make you money. Skills make you independent. What skills should you possess, learn and prefect?

Well to start with the basics people all over the world boil it down to the simple food shelter and clothing.

The simple fact is that’s what keeps you alive. Master these and you will know more than the majority of Americans today. We have become a society of specialist we know much about little and little about much.

It wasn’t always that way. In fact only a generation or two back most people were capable of many skills as an everyday necessity. We fixed and repaired our clothes, cars, homes and raised our own food as well as processed and preserved it as a matter of every day coarse. Now with the 40, 50, 60 hour work week people don’t have the time to do every thing and learn the skills to take care of them selves and there families.

Or do they?

When the economy’s of the world go bad we get back to basics real fast. Food, clothing and shelter the majority of the population of this world counts them selves as doing well if they cover those basic needs everyday as many can’t.

Could you fend for yourself and your family?

Do you possess those basic skills for survival?

If our economy failed these would be highly valuable skills to possess not only for your survival but others would need you and be willing to trade or barter with you for what they did not have. The ability to raise there own food build shelter and cover themselves.

What if there was no food in the stores tomorrow? Could you kill and butcher an animal to feed your self and your family? Do you have the proper tools to do it? How about the skills to kill, gut and cut up an animal then preserve the meat for the future so it does not spoil and get wasted?


So where do you start?

Do you need to buy an animal? Can you raise one? How about breeding for more meat in the future? Or maybe you need to hunt squirrel, grouse, deer or waterfowl. Could you be successful? If you don’t have the knowledge to properly care for the meat after the kill you could get very sick from food poisoning (spoiled meat).

If you want to learn how to dispatch, butcher and store your own meat checkout our DVD here.

Learn now before you have to count on the skills for survival. Practice honing the skills you need before you need them. The skills we have discussed in this article can save you $thousands of dollars give you a lot of confidence and independence.

These skills can create a source of revenue, barter or trade and quite possibly save your life.

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  1. Zendelle
    5 years ago

    Hi Folks,
    I enjoy your posts, and as usual, you make a great point with this one. We need to get back to these basic life skills, and teach them to the next generation. My goal for this year is to get a pressure canner and learn how to use it.
    And speaking of skills, please get a human being with writing skills to edit the spelling and grammar on your posts. Whatever form of spell check you are using isn’t working for you. It would make your posts look a lot more professional if they weren’t full of errors.
    All the best,
    Zendelle in Maine