Save A Ton Of Money On Your Grocery Bill


Having skills that help you become self reliant can save you a ton of money.
And one of those skills that Kevin has learned is how to cut meat that we buy in bulk. Buying meat in bulk saves us a lot of money on the grocery bill while allowing us to eat some of the best cuts.

In the grocery stores Tri Tip costs $8 plus per pound depending on the cut. We paid $2.75 per pound for ours. That’s over 65% savings!!!

Large Chain Grocery Store Price For Retail Cut of Tri Tip

The cool part is that it’s not that difficult to learn how to do this. And you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. All you need is a good sharp knife, a cutting board and freezer bags.

To show you just how easy it is to do I shot a video where Kevin shows you step by step how to take Tri-Tip steak that you can buy in bulk (for less than the cost of hamburger) and cut these large portions of meat into beautiful steaks to put on the grill.

Check it out…

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  1. John D
    9 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Chicken and fish are relatively simple for an amateur to wrap his head around compared to the complexity of beef. This video opened my eyes a bit to what’s possible.

    Prior to seeing your video, cost had prevented me from even considering cuts of meat like that. I’m heading to Costco this weekend to begin experimenting for the first time with something more than just roast and ground beef. Fantastic!

    • Kevin Coy
      8 months ago

      Thats awesome John! Enjoy 🙂

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