Save A Ton Of Money On Your Grocery Bill Video #2

Retail Price For Same Cut With Bone In

There are so many ways to cut your grocery bill without cutting the quality of your food.

We spend less than $230 per month for groceries (for 2 people) and we eat a lot of steak and premium veggies. And that includes our Starbucks coffee beans for our espresso machine.

One of those ways is to buy good quality cuts of meat in bulk and then learn how to cut them into steaks, chops, ribs, roasts and other meal sized cuts. And after being a meat cutter/butcher for over 20 years Kevin is pretty good at filling our freezer for pennies.

I did a blog post last week and it was so popular that we decided to film a new video series so you can learn how to buy meat in bulk and cut it into meal portions for you and your family.

This video is the #2 in the series and here Kevin is going to show you how to take a cryo pack pork boneless shoulder butt and cut it into meal portions. When you buy meat in this bulk size you can save a ton of money. In fact you can cut your price per pound by two thirds! Our price per pound was $1.25 when it was all said and done. This same meat purchased in retail cuts at the grocery store would have cost $3.00 plus per pound.

That is a HUGE savings.

Check out Kevin’s video where he tells you where to get these bulk packs and shows you what to do with them once you get them home. And remember all you need is a good sharp knife, cutting board and freezer bags.

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