Raising The Roof


Ok it’s official. We are all dried in!

And guess what color we chose?

Driftwood! Sounded perfect for a beach house 🙂

Having the roof 100% means we can really get rocking and rolling on starting the inside of the house.

Right now we are starting the plumbing and then on to electrical.

It is so important to get multiple bids when you are building your house. Not only did we ask for recommendations and referrals from locals but we were smart to compare the bottom line cost as well.


We wound up going to Home Depot and purchasing our roofing in bulk so we got a discount. And this also saved us from having a contractor marking up the materials and adding their piece onto the price.

Doing this we saved over !!$1200!! on the roof. Overall we came in under budget by almost $700 so YAY!

You can also hire someone to help you and do a lot of the installation labor yourself. You would save even more than we did by putting in your own labor. We opted not to do the labor part as it can be pretty hard on the back and in years past we did just that.

The finished look is exactly what we were wanting.

Below I am posting our Amazon Affiliate links to some of the items that we used on the roof and the prices are comparable or better than the big box stores. We appreciate your support by ordering thru out links 🙂

Roof Felt
Ridge Vent
Plumbing Base Flashing

I thought you might enjoy watching 3 days of filming that I did while the guys were roofing the house. I shortened it to about 4 minutes for you 🙂

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