The 6 Critical Elements CD Set

The 6 Critical Elements CD Set covers the Key components you need to have in place to truly live A Self Reliant Life. It’s not difficult or rocket science. However it is a process. And one that we have broken down into a simple easy to follow format for anyone to follow.

In this CD set we will guide you step by step how to:

  • Get an expensive piece of prime real estate for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.
  • Completely eliminate the biggest #1 life expense you have that’s eating up all of your income.
  • Cut your transportation costs by up to 90% of what you are spending now.
  • Stop letting someone else control your food supply, safety and security.
  • Create a plan that allows you and your family to have financial independence now and for the rest of your life.
  • Be prepared and have a disaster plan in place that will keep your family safe in the face of any disaster.

This CD set is full of years of research by trial and error that we have done figuring out how to beat the system and opt out of the Rat Race that most call daily living.
If you want more freedom, time, money and choice then click the order button now and start living by your rules not theirs.

Price: $17.95 plus $4.95 Shipping and handling.