Small Home Builders / Developers Course

This course will teach you how to build a beautiful, functional and economical home without a mortgage that you can be proud of.

In your initial product shipment you will receive the Builders/Developers Course Binder with organizers and 3 CD’s. Then every 30 days you will receive your next shipment of 3 or 4 DVD/CD’s.

Your course will include:

  • Detailed step by step videos showing you how to do the different construction phases

  • How to create a budget for your project and track your cost

  • How to shop for materials and save money while getting the best products

  • How to work with your local inspectors on your project

  • How to design your home for cost effectiveness

  • Recorded monthly call covering key topics

  • A monthly Q&A call so you can ask questions about your building process

  • 30 minute consult one on one with Kevin

  • Builder/Developers Project Binder with organizers to setup and track your progress

  • And so much more…

Price: Initial payment of $99.00, plus 11 monthly payments of $69.00.