• 10×12 Building How To DVD Series – Save over $3500 on this structure by learning how to build it yourself. In this 7 DVD series I will guide you step by step thru the entire process from leveling your foundation to hanging the front door. I will share the techniques and short cuts that I have learned over my 20 years of building experience with you that will not only make this simple but fun.

    • Small House Builder/Developer Course – This course will teach you how to find, buy, develop a piece of property and build your small home from start to finish.  Saving you tens of thousands of dollars in the process. This program is unique and the only one of its kind. We will guide you thru the entire process step by step. And no experience is necessary.



    • Portable Power Plant DVD – Learn how to build a 50 amp power panel setup with lights, multiple plugins and its own power cord allowing you to tap into 50, 30 or 20 amps. This power plant will be portable so you can travel with it and use it in your tiny house, cabin, camp ground or just about anywhere you can plug into a power source. The DVD is step by step and no electrical experience necessary.



    • Power It Up DVD Set – In this DVD course we teach you how to wire in a breaker panel, wire in breakers, and run circuits through a building. You will learn how to plan, design, and layout your own custom electrical system in any structure. Everything is covered from what tools are necessary to what materials you will need to complete the project. This course is broken down step by step and so easy that a ten year old can do it.



    • Plumbing Rough-In How To DVD Set – This DVD series will teach you how to do your own rough-in plumbing saving you $100’s to $1000’s of dollars depending on the size of your building project. Kevin covers everything in this course from tools you will need and what plumbing parts you will need to figure out your parts list for your particular project.



    • Aridondack Chair Plans and DVD – Create your own beautiful piece of classic American history. Whether you want to make a set of chairs for your own porch or you want to make some extra money out of your garage, you won’t find a set of full size plans like these that come with a complete DVD tutorial on how to build your chair or chairs from scratch.




    • Rabbit Processing DVD – A comprehensive step by step DVD tutorial that shows you how to process a live rabbit from start to finish. This DVD is full of insider secrets that make processing your own rabbits simple and something anyone can do. All you need is to know the method Kevin will teach you and a good sharp knife.


    • Pig Processing DVD – Save yourself hundreds of dollars and learn how to process your own pork at home. All you will need is some small hand tools and Kevin’s 25 plus years of meat cutting experience at your fingertips.


    • Long Term Survival Bag Setup and DVD – In an emergency situation what do you do if help doesn’t show up? How will you eat and have shelter? You need the possibility to survive anything that you may encounter for as long as you need to survive. If help can’t get to you in 72 hours or less then you need to be equipped to take care of yourself and your family. When your life depends on it make sure you have what you need./li>


    • 6 Critical Elements CD Set – If you want to live A Self Reliant Life you need to have these Elements. This CD set will go into detail about how you can put the 6 Elements in place right now and get control once and for all of your life.