Mortgage Freedom, Anyone Can Have It…Yes This Means You!

mortgage free

It is true we all can own our homes free and clear of loans if you really want one. Wait! Before you dismiss this as boloney or as unattainable hear me out. Why are we as a culture paying to live in a house or an apartment? Why do we rent or buy a house with a loan or mortgage? because we cannot afford to pay cash to buy it outright. But why? Houses cost a lot of money right? Not necessarily. Big houses that contractors build and sell for a profit cost a lot of money. You are paying construction companies real estate companies and banks or other finance companies a lot of profit to buy a conventional  house. Why? Because thats how it works,right?

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little due diligence you can avoid all the profit making middleman part that is making the price so high and pay cash to own your own home from day one.First lets get rid of some limiting beliefs about house ownership and home building.Number one they don’t cost that much. Thats right the materials to build a house are not that expensive. The labor and profit to build a house are about two thirds of the price! Number two you can build your own house or at least be in control of getting it done. Number three you do not need to build the Taj Mahal Start small and add on or trade up.

You can start by building or buying a modest home.In the county I live in you are allowed to build as small as 410 square feet.If you keep the material finish economical you could build a small home for $25k or less. So here is the mind blower you all ready have the money to do it. Oh here we go! There is no way you can build a house for $25k! Really? or can you? Oh and where is this $25k I am supposed to have already? HMMMMM. Well its true despite what you might be thinking right now. I know the cost and the process pretty well and I tell you with confidence it can be done. If you want to find out more subscribe and be ready for the next part of this series. How is that for a cliff hanger?

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