Making Money The Self Reliant Way


Another aspect of self reliant living is of course creating income.Having the ability to earn money independently as well, very satisfying on several levels.First it fills a basic need to produce revenue to pay for your living expenses.The real satisfaction however comes from knowing you can create a valuable independent exchange of goods and or services with others.Knowing that other people will pay you in direct proportion for your ability to create value for them is a very empowering experience.

I realized early in life that I could learn and gain skills and knowledge that would allow me to earn money in exchange for this ability and I have never looked back.I am always on the lookout for ways to improve myself to enhance my ability to turn goods and services into a more easily traded currency (Money).The freedom and independence you can gain from this is exciting and fun to say the least.

So what are some of the ways I have been able to do this? Well early on I was able to trade my time directly for pay doing physical work like Handyman skills around the house later the big break-thru was making things like growing plants or woodcrafts.The ultimate Level I achieved was when I could teach others how to earn more money with my knowledge.Once I mastered a skill that I could create a process or model for others to follow a path if you will I had opened up a door to self reliance that was exponential! Now others can benefit from value I can create at a much faster rate and on a much larger scale.

If I can help others get what they want then I can have what I want.So the more people I help the more I can accomplish what I want.This was a major break thru for me It allows me to be very independent of time and location constraints.As I write this I am sitting in the Caribbean watching the sun rise over the ocean drinking a cup of coffee while I listen to and watch the surf on the beach.

Here is an example of how I do this.About twenty years ago I had a friend who had a couple of old adirondack chairs in his yard.I really liked the look of these old wooden chairs but they were rotting and falling apart .He offered to loan them to me as a pattern to reproduce them. In exchange all he wanted was to barrow the pattern some time to make a set for himself. Well my woodcrafting skills were shall we say almost non existent but I really wanted some of those chairs.I really thought I had bitten off more than I could chew with this project.Intimidated as I was I set out to recreate these beautiful pieces of american history.I took the chair that was in the best shape apart to create a pattern and left the other one as an example to look at .Some of the parts were so rotted away that I had to freehand draw the ends by looking at the other chair!

With no instructions or plans I studied and measured over and over for hours taking pages of notes.I finally started to cut out all the parts and assemble the chair.Once I was satisfied with the first chair the next one was much easier and faster.After I built a few for myself I decided to make a couple extra and set them in the yard for sale.I had almost immediate interest and sold them for good money. I was very excited that someone else liked my woodwork enough to pay me well for my efforts.This started a business that made me a lot of money for many years to come.I made more and more of these chairs and my skills improved over time.

I now sell these chairs for $150 to $175 each depending where I am .They only take me two hours to make so really great money for my time.I need very little space to make them and only a few tools.This allows me to create significant income almost anywhere I am with little time or investment.I have the satisfaction of knowing I can create income for myself on my time schedule when and where I want.I taught my children to build these chairs some years ago and now they also enjoy this independent income as well.

If your interested in doing the same I have made a set of full-size plans along with a dvd explaining how to build these chairs the quickest most efficient way along with what wood to use and the tools you will need.Take a look here.

This could be a real game changer for anyone that wants to become more self reliant.This is just one example of how I found a way to create income independently with little investment of time or money that I can do almost anywhere for a great return.Let me know what you think.If your interested in learning more about other income sources I’ll write more on this subject. See you next time .Kevin 😉

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  1. Lisa
    4 years ago

    Kevin, you’re an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your idea for earning extra income. I would love to hear other ideas from you and other readers as well. Thanks ! Happy 2014!

  2. Anna
    4 years ago

    The adirondack chair link is broken. I’m enjoying your blogs!