Living in 362 Square Feet Has Tought Me A Few Things



When we talked about selling our house of almost 3000 sq ft and building a new small/tiny home I had this romantic idea of what that would look like.

I envisioned us moving our RV into an RV park for 6 months while we developed our property and built our small mortgage free home. Fully equipped with small appliances, a large indoor outdoor patio, soft features, flowing curtains and the sound of the beach nearby. We would be inconvenienced a little and I would be forced to wash our clothes in a laundry mat, something I had not done for more than 25 years, while living with neighbors just 8feet on either side of us.

Six months into our new adventure I suddenly realize how inaccurate that vision was.

The vision of the house and the property full of foliage that we will eat and enjoy while living in a small but luscious space that is designed to allow us to live the lifestyle we want on a daily basis is spot on. But the whole timeline of when this would all take place and how was apparently a fantasy that was playing out only in my head.

So let me tell you what its really been like…

May 2015 we moved out of our home of almost 20 years and into our 34’RV (362 sq ft with the slides) into a 35×13 space Β in an RV park after moving all of our worldly belongings into 4 small storage units.

After 3 months we moved our RV onto our 1 acre piece of property and we were boon docking.

Now for those of you that don’t know what boon docking is that means we were living on batteries, generator, hauling water and solar power only.

No sewer, running water or electricity to plug into.Β I literally had to fire up the generator to get a cup of coffee each morning and fire up my computer to check my email so I could product that we had sold during the night. I’m not even going to tell you what I had to do to get a shower!

This may not seem like that big of a deal to some of you. but to this acrylic nailed, internet business owner, monthly pedi girl it was a big deal!

But I was determined to choose this new adventure and live at the beach so sacrifice I did. I took off my nails and decided to forgo my pedis thinking I was making a sacrifice. But somewhere between getting a septic tank installed and the Peninsula Utility Department juicing up our power pole I discovered something.

I discovered that I was resiliant and WAY stronger than I thought.

I discovered that my nails looked great naturally.

I discovered that I did not have to flat iron my hair everyday because my daily walks on the beach messed it up anyway.

I discovered that I don’t need all the crap that I have. There is not room for it in the RV πŸ™‚

I discovered that it is so much easier to live life simply and simply live life.

I discovered that I really like living in a small space with my husband.

I discovered that my life is truly stress free.

I discovered that not having a mortgage makes me feel like such a rebel.

I discovered that I am truly happy with my life.

Have no fear. Now we are civilized once again.

We have full power, sewer, water, cable TV and high speed internet. Hell we even have garbage service. And of course we have the bills that go along with all these modern conveniences.

But for a short while we felt what it is to be off the grid. Fully opting out of the “system”.

And I discovered that I really liked it. That I could do more of that.

I discovered that living in a small space has it advantages.


My husband has to spend time around me there is no where else for him to go.

Getting dressed is so much easier cause you don’t have that many shirts to choose from as there is no room in your ridiculously small closet for them.

I can shower and wash my hair including deep conditioning on just 4 gallons of water.

Getting a utility bill for $12.45 for one month.

Heating your house cost you about $18 a month.

I can totally “Monica” (for all you Friends fans) deep clean my house in about 45 minutes.


Cheap property taxes.

And the list goes on….

So remember my original vision had us living in our site built small house six months after moving into our RV and as of the writing of this post we are still living in our RV and our small house is no where near completion.

But that is ok.

Because this girl is very happy and comfortable living in 362 square feet by the beach.

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  1. Jesse
    1 year ago

    I wish my wife was more like you.

    Great write up. You guys are starting to live the dream

    • Kevin Coy
      1 year ago

      I wasn’t always sold on small space living that is for sure πŸ™‚ But this experience has really sold me. Super excited to move into our new small beach house. Encourage your wife to try it out and do some research and find some really cool places to show her. Maybe you can win her over πŸ™‚