Live Full Time Work Half Time!


That’s  right!

A proven path to a great life you can have right now. If you are tired of living pay check to pay check or there is more month left than money than this is right up your alley.

Are you just tired of working 40, 50, 60 hours a week?

Never having time for family friends or yourself?

Are you deferring your best years of life to live later when you have more money?

Say no more I was there once too.

Then I fell upon the secret to half time working and fulltime living.

Look my life has never been better I enjoy a lot of free time. As a mater of fact I have more free time than work time by far. My wife and I don’t get just two or three weeks a year off from work. We get two or three weeks a month!

I know you’re probably thinking I’m exaggerating or at least bragging but it’s true and I’m not bragging. I’m telling you so you can see what’s possible.

The real question you should be thinking here is how? Followed closely by what do I have to do to live like that?

I will give  you a hint it’s not because we make a lot of Money. It does have to do with how we make money and what we do with it.

The great thing is anyone can do it!

My wife and I are not college grads with high paying power careers. In fact we may make less money than you. The fact is we just learned how to design a life for ourselves that let’s us live the way we want and an income that pays us to have the time we want to live it.

The bottom line is we are happy to share this with anyone that is interested in living a life of full engagement live life on you terms have your time and lots of it. Get healthy and stay that way. Eat well, stay active, pursue your interest and hobbies. Maybe you want to travel abroad or just stay put. What ever it is you desire you can have it.

We do!

Look I know this is not for everybody. Some people would rather just work all week spend there days off trying to get every thing done and have some sort of life if there is any time left. If you want a real life the one you used to dream about we will share how we designed a lifestyle that allows us the freedom and time without the cost of working ourselves to death like most people do chasing the American dream.

Just subscribe to the blog and read on as we openly share our journey with you.

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