How Long Would You Last If You Lost Your Job?


An interesting question and an uncomfortable one to think about.

If you have not addressed it you should and put in place a plan to work up to a year of food and enough money to pay the monthly bills for you and your family you will have a tremendous peace of mind as you get closer to that goal.

Of course if you also lower your cost of living at the same time it will be easier to attain. If for instance your car is paid for that is a major expense not to have a monthly payment. Maybe you don’t have credit card or other loans and debts to deal with.


Growing some of your food will help. Putting a pig or some rabbits in the freezer is as good as money in the bank and helps with the rising cost of groceries for sure.

What about housing?

Do you have a hefty monthly payment or rent due each month? Could you find a smaller or less expensive place to live? How about renting out a room or two of your house to help pay it off faster?

Or maybe you rent a room from some one.

Could you develop more rental space at your house? Small apt out back or RV space? Of course the smaller the home the smaller the power bill. Heating and cooling cost are less if your home is in good repair as well. Keeping your monthly cost of living down now makes it much easier to handle later if you can’t work because of job loss illness or injury.

Can you make money from home? There is a number of ways to add some money to your income working from home. Child care, book keeping, crafts ect.

If you have more than one source of income that is better than one as is living below your means. Diversity is key to thriving in this day and age.

Multiple income streams food sources and transportation will help keep you flexible in trying times. Plan B is always good practice on all fronts.

Get out of debt and stay out of debt! Pay as you go with good ol cash.

Try to live as close to where you work as possible and maybe you can walk there. And to your shopping areas as well.

Do you need a car? Try living with out it for a month just park it and try other ways to get around. You may save a mint in gas alone. Walk more. Its good for you. Ride a bike. Can you car pool or take a bus?

Shop once a month to save money and stay out of the store so you will not buy extra things you don’t need. Buy in bulk and cook from scratch its cheaper and healthier. No packaged and processed foods as they are expensive and full of sugar, fat and salt!

Be prepared and if something does happen it will be easier to deal with.

If you cut your cost of living and expenses down maybe you can even take some time off and spend it with your family doing what you love to do 😉

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