Free Tiny Houses For Everyone…It’s All How You Look At It

Inside A Tiny House

That’s right all micro/tiny/small housers who read this can have a free house.

If that is true are you ready to move in?

If someone gave you a free tiny house what would you do? How would it change your lifestyle? Do you have one picked out yet? Did you want to have it built or build it yourself? You may be wondering why I am asking so many questions but they all need to be answered.

So where are you going to put your new home? Have you parred down your possessions to move in?

I suppose I should back up a minute and ask. Do you want a micro house? Do you want a tiny/small house? If so how badly do you really want one?

I ask because everyone who wants one bad enough can and should have one. The fact of  the mater is you all only need to say YES and make it happen for yourselves.

So what do you think it is worth? $10K?  $20 -$30K or more?

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is you already have the money. Just stop spending it on other things and use it to build that house by diverting the funds and make it happen.

It’s free!

You aren’t spending a dime on it! If you are already spending money on housing it is probably more than you would living in a tiny/small house.

So find a way to move out of your current housing, stay with a friend or family member and divert the founds you just saved to build the tiny home. It seems to me you can’t afford not to.

You’re loosing money every day you don’t. Your cost of living will shrink to almost nothing.

Now you can do what ever you want. Work part-time, quit your job and get one you really like, travel, go to school or even volunteer. Pursue that hobby or interest you really love.

You now have time and money maybe for the first time in your life. So give yourself the gift of a tiny house and celebrate your new freedom take the day off.

You can afford it ;)

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  1. Jennifer Tolentino
    5 years ago

    You are exactly right. I made about 20k this year and my husband is a full time student right now, not working. We managed to buy .3 of an acre and have an architect working on plans for a small, off grid, natural building now. It will be a little under 400 square feet. We and our dog will live there plus I will be working there and running a non-profit dedicated to helping others become more self reliant by teaching natural building, better use of resources, growing food, and encouraging bartering and community projects. Our little home will be built by us with the help of friends and neighbors and anyone else that wants to stop in and participate in the process. It is a little slow going sometimes because of limited money coming in, by living with my mother-in-law and skipping a few comforts. Despite some setbacks along the way, things are coming along and I am really excited about being able to host building workshops next year to teach natural building. Some other cool features include composting toilet, green roof, green house, grey water irrigation system, rainwater collection system, and solar electric system. The total for all of this including the land, the architect, the materials etc….under 15k 🙂

  2. Julia in Woodinville, WA, USA
    5 years ago

    You make a good point that by prioritizing spending you can “find the money”. I completely disagree with mooching off friends & family to do this, though. That makes your house not FREE, but a GIFT given to you by your friends/family. If the goal is to be Self Reliant, it is kind of hypocrisy to do it on someone elses dime. Just my opinion. Thank you for the inspiration of a cool self sufficient lifestyle.