Yes you can control the cost of food.You would not think this possible in todays market but its true. The bonus of this article is not even cost of food its cost of health.It seem that every time you go to check out at the store the bill is higher. The reality is most of the food in the stores today is not only expensive but its bad for you. So what do you do keep buying really bad expensive food?

There is an alternative or 3.

Buy locally grown food from people you can get to know and see there methods of production.

Next would be to grow some of your own food meat and produce you can do this in your own yard. If you don’t have a yard then find a community garden or share a space with someone. Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding and self reliant things you can do. You get the benefit of fresh air exercise and fresh whole food.

The third thing and most important you can do is stop buying packaged foods. if it comes out of a bag, a box or a can it probably is not good for you. Not only that but it is way more expensive than doing what you should be doing. Cooking from scratch. The real secret to eating well and for less is cooking from scratch using fresh whole foods.

Eating clean is a phrase among health and fitness people out there. The idea is eat fresh whole foods you cook at home yourself. It is cheaper and  healthier to do so. I buy fresh produce each week and whole cuts of meats like whole chickens and primal cuts of beef and pork that sell for much less than the smaller individual portions. I then cut them down to my own portions at home. It only takes a few minutes to do and saves a lot of $$ per pound to buy in bulk.

I will cook several meals at once on one day then portion them out thru the week. You can roast, boil, BBQ, pan fry or use a cock pot to cook up your meals. The nice thing is the health benefits of scratch cooking.

Packaged and processed foods are full of SUGAR,FAT and SALT! The only way to control this is cook with fresh whole foods. Next time you are in the store look at the price per pound or ounce you are paying for packaged food. Some junk foods cost more per pound than a T bone steak! To top it off its unhealthy for you.

Try some of these best practices to reduce the cost of your grocery bill and start seeing and feeling the results today.

You will save more money staying healthy in the long run and have a much better quality of life.

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