Doomsday Preppers notes from the set

on-set-with-preppers-filming-the-coys   very kind words from our film crew they were great to work with became our friends and taught us so much about producing T.V. in the feild. This was one of the top ten greatest things we have done in our lives. You never know what will happen until you put your self out there and get out of your comfort zone. Well we know now and it’s incredible . Learning by doing is the most in the moment exhilarating  way of feeling your alive and present here and now live and on the edge . Real and focused 15 hours a day cameras on you can be daunting and intimidating to say the least . I have never been so out of my comfort zone and yet so comfortable at the same time. I Am most at home when there is chaos and craziness it’s what I thrive on . Let me run out of air 100 feet under water on a shark dive and I’m all grins its just how I roll 😉 I mean how do you really know if your alive if you don’t live on the edge? I’m just sayin throw me into the unknown that’s where I belong ( kinda like capt Kirk  where is my star ship ? ) see you soon…

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