Build A Custom Home For Less Than $30000


It could be the fact that I LOVE to organize things or that I just like creating spreadsheets but I had so much fun with this blog post. And I am super excited to share the following information with you.

One of the first things we did in the planning stages when we were deciding what to build and how big to build was to start figuring out how much our new tiny beach house was going to cost us.

I created a spreadsheet for our House Budget where we broke down our build by Exterior and Interior costs.

Then I broke down the cost to complete each of those into detail i.e. siding, foundation, windows,doors, etc.

I also separated some of the costs in more detail by separating labor and materials in the spreadsheet. This way we could see where our labor would be best spent to save us the most amount of money.

This was super important for many reasons.

Figuring this out and seeing the numbers by the room and by the stages of building we were able to see really quickly where we could cut costs and where we wanted to put extra money to get exactly what was important to us.

For instance seeing how much sheetrock was going to cost us made me start researching alternative wall cover materials that were not as expensive. Something that we could do ourselves (sheetrock is not one of our strong suits) that would save tons in labor cost.

And seeing how much kitchen counter tops were made me decide to look into doing concrete myself. Not only would I save $$$ big time I can get an awesome custom look.

As we have spent money in each category I add up the receipts and put in my total spent to date. This has been really key to keeping us on budget. (I will share my numbers with you on another post)

In some instances going over budget can’t be helped. Thats why having our House Budget spreadsheet has been huge to keep us apprised as to where we are dollar wise at all times.

Staying focused and very present with every dollar spent has helped stay in or under budget so far.

At the end of the day we think we will be under $30k for our final cost.

We are doing some things to cut cost like repurposing cabinets, DIYing it all over the place like in the bathroom shower and making our own ship lap for the interior walls.

We’ve also canvased Craigslist, Facebook and yard sales where we have scored nails, air tools (cost of tools I did not include in my budget) and hardware for next to nothing. At one yard sale alone we scored $75 worth of nails for only $10! And $50 worth of plumbing materials for only $5! !!CHA-CHING!!

The House Budget also kept us from doing work that we can actually pay someone else to do for us cheaper than we could do it ourself. My back and shoulders say thank you!

So checkout and download the House Budget spreadsheet to see how much you can save on your own house build.

In a few days I will do a post showing you how much we have spent on the house so far and you can see for yourself where we are at compared to our budget.

Please share the House Budget with anyone you think will find it helpful and let us know if this has been helpful for you.

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  1. Diego
    1 year ago

    Where can I see pictures of the finished house? Can you email them?


    • Kevin Coy
      12 months ago

      We will be posting pics of the house and property finished soon here on the blog. Stay posted and keep subscribe so you don’t miss them 🙂