Breaking Ground And Getting The Foundation In

We are SOOOOOOOOO excited today as we are finally starting our new small beach house build!

I will be posting over the next several days our progress on the foundation as we go. Tomorrow we are pouring concrete for our footers and then on to the stem walls before the slab.

I took more than 121 pictures and videos today! Oh my do I have some editing to do so I can upload them for you to go along this journey with us. It feels so amazing to be finally moving ahead with our little micro-homestead by the beach after months and months of planning.


It was kinda scary I’m not gonna lie when I saw them lay out the perimeter. It looked so big on paper but so small once I saw the foot print on the ground.


Then I got on top of the RV and took this shot and it made me feel better LOL!


Here is a quick little video that I shot of Kevin standing in the concrete forms that just got done today. Soon we will be framing and standing up walls.

So EXCITED right now!! 🙂

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