Beware Of Emergency Food Sites Selling Long Term Survival Foods


There seems to be a new website every day selling fear! Doom and gloom end of the world survival supplies.

Now dont get me wrong. I like prepping more than the next guy but quality gear and food sites are few and far between.

My favorite(insert sarcasm here) is the emergency survival kits. The food and gear in these is sub par at best. Cheap back packs full of inferior junk gear to make you feel like your covered only to find out in an actual emergency that the crap falls way short of taking care of business in an environment as tough as your own back yard let alone out in the wild survival zones they purport them to work in.

Then there is the food!

Number one problem is calories! you will starve to death from the lack of calories let alone the quality of them! They say 3 meals a day per adult but they dont talk about the calories.

Because there are none! Damn few anyway.

People need between 1500 and 2000 calories a day just to maintain body mass with out any physical exertion. In an emergency you will need more to maintain core temperature and fuel yourself enough to stay alive and get the hell out of harms way.

If you are looking for survival foods check the nutrition labels for calories per serving and proteins fats and carbs as well as vitamins (you should include a vitamin pack in your kit regardless) you will find most are seriously lacking and worthless in terms of sustainable calories per day.

Survival buckets are just as bad they are sold in stores now and same problem not enough calories to cover the number of meals and people that they claim. Good quality high cal high nutrition meals that will give you the fuel to survive any disaster upwards of 3000 plus calories a day to keep you alive and well! Thats what you need and plenty of clean water to operate on.

You will need shelter. Not just a thin plastic tube tent like they put in the packs but a solid 3 or 4 season tent. This is survival people not back yard playing. Get the best you can afford and hope you never have to use it!


Learn about first aid. Make a fire and spend the weekend outside in bad weather so you know what your up against.

Build your skills and that is how you will truly survive in an emergency situation.

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