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Hi and welcome to a new feature of this site called behind the scenes.

As the subject line states this project will only be available to those individuals who are subscribers to this site.


Well because I want to reward people who take action and show a true interest in living a self reliant life.I want to give them the very best this site has to offer in terms of how we really operate, Why we do what we do and just what kind of critical thinking got us where we are today and how it will get us where we are going in life.

So what kinds of things go on behind the scenes around here?

Well I could stop right now and say if you want to find out just subscribe but that may not be enticing enough.Let me just say that by going behind the scenes you could find out how in 2006 we quit working for other people forever at the ages of 43 and 38.Or how we were so poor at one time we had no home and didn’t know where our next meal would come from and we had 4 children at that time. Or how we retired from the daily grind at the ages of 48 and 43 for good.Just what kind of thinking allows two average people like us who only have high school educations and have been working for years just to survive and even get thru high school? Find out how we became self reliant enough to be debt free own our own home and spend over 20 weeks playing and traveling in and out of the country all on a smaller income than you would think that doesn’t require our constant attention on a daily basis.

If thats not enough, find out how we decided that our home that we built and raised our four kids in was really holding us back from life. How we found that by selling it and building another home we could be debt free and cut our cost of living by 70%.

How about the bullet proof plan that will allow us to live our lives from now until the end of our days just the way we want to with the income to support it?

Just how much does it take to allow you the freedom to get up everyday no alarm clock and say “what do I want to do today”? Forever?

Subscribe to this site and get the behind the scenes tour.

Its the only way to find out how.

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