Kevin and Annissa Coy

Their story started more than 30 years ago in the big city of Los Angeles California.  Annissa was a country girl from a small apple town in Washington and Kevin was born in Sacramento raised most of his life in the suburbs of Southern California.

Kevin and Annissa have been married for 31 years. They have four children ages 23-30 and 3 grandbabies ages 8 to 4 year old.

Their mom would tell you they started out with less then nothing. And she wasn’t far from the truth. After 10 years of struggling to get ahead and raise their family they ended up exhausted, miserable, broke and homeless.

They were beginning to wonder if living a happy comfortable life with their children was just a dream.

Working two and three jobs just to make ends meet was exhausting. They worked opposite of each other so their children did not have to be in daycare but this separated the family and made it almost impossible for them to have any family time. In fact there were weeks where they only saw each other in passing as one of them came home from work and the other headed off to work with the kids going to school.

Even with working long hours and sacrificing their time together they still didn’t have enough money to pay the bills, buy firewood to heat their house each winter and relied on the kindness of friends to help feed the kids some months.

This was insane! And definitely not the way they had planned things to be.

They felt hopeless and wondered what they were killing themselves for? There had to be a better way…

So they decided to throw out the rule book and take charge of their future. They opted out if you will of the rat race and decided to create the life they wanted.

“Our life our rules” became their new Motto.

Tearing apart everything that wasn’t working for them they began to rebuild their life the way they had always dreamed it could be.
Now 15 years later they enjoy a life that they choose full of possibilities and freedom.



They slept on the floor for over a year at their mom and dad’s house with their four children all in the same room saving enough money to build a small house (about 890 sq ft) so they could pay cash for it and stay out of debt. They accomplished this by working two jobs opposite each other and putting every penny into building their future home.

Raising the children without TV was important to them and it gave them more time as a family and helped them spend their spare time building their Self Reliant Life. Enabling them the time to learn and develop their skills and build resources to be able to take care of the family without relying so much on outsiders.

Key elements were learning to plant and grow their own food, raising and processing their own meat, cooking and baking from scratch as well as other important skills like using tools to create and build things that they needed.

Today the Coy’s are teaching and mentoring their clients who are choosing life on their terms. While showing others how to rely on self reliance rather than being dependent on others for your basic survival they too live a self reliant lifestyle.

And being completely debt and mortgage free, they do not wake up to an alarm clock and in their 40’s enjoy the life style that most have to wait until retirement for.

Having discovered what it takes to become Self Reliant and create freedom for yourself and your family Kevin and Annissa are passionate about teaching others how to do the same. With the hope that they can save stress and pain for families and encourage people to live life by their own rules gaining their American Dream in the process not someone else’s.

Their sole purpose for creating A Self Reliant Life is to show others that you can have more while living on less. It is critical that you take charge of your money and your life now. They want you to know that it is easier to do than you think.

“The saddest thing is watching people doing things the way they have always been done just because that’s what everyone else is doing even though doing so makes them miserable, unhealthy and leaves them unfulfilled” says Annissa and Kevin. “If we can change that for even just one family then it makes all this worth while for us.”

Kevin and Annissa invite you to connect with them and come along on the journey to A Self Reliant Life.