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While taking our daily walk on the beach this morning I really got very present to just how stress free our life is.

And how for so many years we recklessly gave our time to other peoples pursuits and agendas without thinking twice. And most of the time those pursuits and agendas were not in alignment with the way we wanted to live.

When we finally unplugged completely in 2010 from what I call “The Matrix” (love that movie) it took us about 18 months to reset our internal clocks. We stopped setting an alarm clock and at first we would sleep for 10 to 11 hours each night. Then slowly as our bodies recharged after years of sleep deprivation raising four kids and both of us working two jobs to get ahead, we fell into a sleep pattern that called for about 8 hours a night of sleep. So no matter when we go to bed we know we will wake up in about 8 hours later naturally. It’s funny the look on peoples face when we tell them we don’t use an alarm to wake up in the morning.

It might sound silly but the no alarm clock policy is very de-stressing.

No urgency to start the day.

And I used to be one of those serial snooze hitters. Drove Kevin crazy! He had the pleasure of hearing that lovely buzz about 6 times every morning.

Now the roar of the surf is the only sound we wake up to.

I also realized that the only thing that had been stopping us from living in this stress free zone many years sooner was just our own limiting beliefs and fear.

It wasn’t money, debt or our jobs that tied us down. It was our fear mostly of what others would think.

And just as we used to fear there are those that think we have lost our mind leaving behind our beautiful house on 10 acres that we had worked so hard for for so many years and running off to a little house on the beach.

If that is the definition of crazy then please certify me insane 🙂

Yes we are insane.

We have insanely chosen to pay off our mortgage, credit cards and debt.

We have insanely chosen to not sit in rush hour traffic each day, buy airline tickets instead of things and be in complete control of our time able to do with it what we want.

We have chosen all this so we can wake up each day to no alarm clock and go for a walk on the beach with our Americano in hand.

I am so beyond grateful for this life we chose.

My one hope is that you too know what a stressless life feels like.

Have an AWESOME weekend!

Talk soon,


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