A Fellow Mortgage Free Small Homestead Enthusiast Stopped By To Visit Us


The other day Kevin got an email from Jake who happens to live about two hours from us in Washington State asking to stop by and see our new small beach house homestead.

So we gave him and his wife Valerie a tour and it was great to meet other like minded non-mortgage believers!

Can’t wait to see their progress on their 6 acre homestead as they make the transition into A Self Reliant Life.

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  1. Patrick
    1 year ago

    Kevin, great to see that there are more people out there that realize that the “banking” system is a fraud and is used to steal the wealth of the people with their fraudulent “scrip”, i.e. Federal Reserve Notes.

    I applaud you and those that are building their homes without a mortgage, i.e. “dead pledge”. Question: did you also purchase the land with “cash”?

    Also, is the land registered with the county and are you paying property taxes on it?

    If you are paying property taxes, then you only have “use” of the land and not “equity” or title. Ultimately, we want title to the land for ineheritance as that becomes our little kingdom where we can be kings and preists where we can then build on and grow to feed our families and to help those around us.

    Just a couple of my thoughts.


    • Kevin Coy
      1 year ago

      In this country (US) you will pay taxes on any land you own.

  2. Doug
    1 year ago

    Saw your YT video and you mentioned heating/AC. You should check out mini-split unit for your new place. It would be perfect for that space. They are simple to install and very efficient. You can get the ceiling cassette unit and it would be complete out of your way. It is a heat pump, but an inverter so runs at variable speed, the speed it needs to keep temp exactly where you set it. You won’t regret.

  3. Tiny house
    1 month ago

    Hello I like live in tiny house because here live i feel fresh ans natural.

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