70,000 Pounds Of Cement Later…



That’s a lot of stinking cement! You can definitely say we have a sturdy foundation to build on that’s for sure.

Now that we have our fill inside the footers we are packing it down so we can pour the cement for our slabs. The main slab for the house and then the mono pour slab that will be our patio area.

Don’t worry I am editing some really AWESOME video that I shot of the whole thing and I will be posting the slab work here in a few of days once I have it uploaded.


We had the plumber out to set the vents, drains and bring in the sewer and fresh water lines before the cement was poured as they all have to come up thru the slab. This will probably be the only part of the plumbing that we hire out as we plan to do the rest of it ourselves. We just felt it was money well spent to make sure that the grade was correct to drain into the lines heading to the septic tank. Since it would all be set in cement one little boo-boo could become a big mess real quick.


We are so excited for our huge covered patio area. We plan on putting up a bar here and creating a very indoor/outdoor living space. And wait till I post some pictures of the sunsets we get to see from this location over the Pacific! They are to die for.


Here you see us setting the beam pockets into the patio slab before it sets up. There are 3 – 6×6 posts that will set in them to support the beam that will hold up the trusses on that side of the house.


It was very warm here with pure sunshine for about a week after we finished our pour so we had to babysit our slabs big time. The house slab is going to be our finished flooring as we will stain it so we didn’t want it to dry out too quickly and crack. So we had to keep it damp which meant watering it about every 15-20 minutes for about 8 days.

Its been pretty convenient that our RV is right next to the building site so the Camera Girl has been able to get some really good photo/video from an arial view. 🙂

Let us know if you are enjoying watching the beach house go up. And if there is something in particular that you would really like to see let me know and maybe I can make it happen.

Until next time…

The Camera Girl

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  1. Darren
    2 years ago

    Looks great! I will enjoy seeing the progression!

    • Kevin Coy
      2 years ago

      Thanks Darren! We are sure enjoying the progress.

  2. Mark M
    2 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing the finished floor

    • Kevin Coy
      2 years ago

      Us too Mark 🙂 It should look pretty cool.

  3. Randy Jackson
    1 year ago

    You are after my dream! I was planning on buying a R.V. already and setting it on 5 Acres of land. Then taking about two years to build a home debt free. I think I found the help I need.

    • Kevin Coy
      1 year ago

      AWESOME to hear Randy!! Keep us posted and if we can answer any questions for you let us know. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.